Latest News with Pizza Eva - The innovative Healthy Pizza with Few Calories

  Published on 29 Giu 2021 12:38
The presentation of the Innovative Eva Pizza was held yesterday at the historic site of Palazzo Ischitella on the Riviera di Chiaia in Naples: a pizza that was studied and developed by the Unesco Federico II University under the direction of Professor Annamaria Colao in collaboration with the Nutritionist Francesca Marino, Salvatore Grasso owner of the historic pizzeria "Gorizia" in Vomero as well as President of the Union of Historic Neapolitan Pizzerias "Le Centenarie", Giuseppe Daddio of the "Sweet and Salty" School and the advice of the Gastronomic Critic Journalist of the newspaper Il Mattino of Naples, Luciano Pignataro.
A pizza that took months of study and that aims to offer a pizza that is above all Good, but also Healthy. In fact it is a pizza that gives back the taste of an excellent Margherita, but which has half the calories of a Margherita pizza. In addition, a careful solution of the tomato was made, choosing a Campania tomato rich in Lycopene and, among the ingredients, a small percentage of Glucomannan powder was added. Lycopene, together with glucomannan, have a preventive effect against tumors, a reduction in the cholestorol index and fatty liver.
Among so much excellence, so much study and research, we could not fail to be there, in fact has designed an innovative pizza plate for the dish because without a rim, with simple colors that recalled those of the pizza filling. But above all we have studied a logo that evokes the origin of this pizza (Naples with Vesuvius) and that, above all, recalled the silhouette of a woman, to whom this pizza is dedicated.