Mother's Day Card

Give a Gift Card

A new, easy and social way to give the art and tradition of Vietri ceramics as a gift!

The Ceramica Vietrese Gift Card is a gift certificate that can be customized by amount and occasion that can be purchased like any other product on our site and sent via email to the person you want to give as a gift. The recipient of your gift will be able to shop on our e-commerce in absolute freedom and comfortably choose the desired gift from the items in our Collection.

Do you want to make a quality gift?
The Vietri Ceramics Gift Card is the right choice because ...


This is a perfect gift idea for any important occasion

Valentine's Day, a birthday party, a graduation party, Christmas, a special anniversary: we can find the gift card for you.

the formula Multi is the ideal solution for group gifts

Stop the endless discussions to organize the collection of the money needed for the wedding or birthday gift! If you want to simplify the Group expenses, choose our original Multi Gift Card that allows you to pick individual shares directly on line quickly and safely.


It  is certainly a pleasing thought, easy to give and to use

The purchase of your Card is just a click away! In a moment he comes with an e-mail and who receives it can choose totally free the desired gift among the many products of our catalogue.

It is convenient and fun

It is available in different cuts and numerous graphic looks, innovative and colorful.

Choose your card

Amaze everybody with a special gift and if you want organize a group gift, you can choose Gift Card Multi, taking the quotes directly online in simple and secure way.

Only you or together... make happy who you love!