Warranty, defects and refunds

100% Cusromer Satisfaction -  100% Product Guaranteed
100% Cusromer Satisfaction - 100% Product Guaranteed
100% Cusromer Satisfaction -  100% Product Guaranteed
100% Cusromer Satisfaction - 100% Product Guaranteed
All the products of Ceramica Vietrese are products of high quality of ceramic and completely handmade following the Disciplinary of Vietri Ceramic (visit our section “The art of manufacturing ceramic”)
Every pieces is signed and accompanied by its warranty and authenticity certificate.
Our ceramics are realized with no-toxic materials and colors for 100% food use.  They can be hand-washed with no strong detergents and/or in dishwasher at a temperature not higher 60°.
Our ceramics cannot be used to cook in oven,  microwave, naked flame, heat conduction, (etc.) 
100% Product Vietri Ceramic – 100% handmade –100% guaranteed -  100% Made in Italy 
Lack of Compliance 
A handcrafted production process can’t ensure the perfection of an industrial execution. Ceramica Vietrese cannot consider as defect the imperfections of a normal and accurate handmade production. 
If you would find a lack of compliance of your purchase, something not conform with the description on the website or if the product would have evident defects not caused from the handmade production or defects not caused by the transport, you must give us an urgent communication ( in max 10 days from the delivery of the purchase), with any means: online on our forum, send an email to info@ceramicavietrese.it, dialing our number or write us to CeramicaVietrese c/o Di Palma Claudia Via Nabucco, 20 - 80126 Napoli (Italia). 
Your communication must be attached with photos of the found defect. 
As soon as we receive your communication, we will provide to work on and to close it within 14 days, trying to find with you the best possible solution (change of the article, money refund).  Nothing in addition will be charged to you. 
With us…it is possible to change idea!
If you have changed idea and you want modify or cancel your order, don’t worry; you must inform us before the departure of the purchase (you receive an email when the purchase is sent) and, anyway, within maximum 10 days. Naturally you can decide also to modify only a part of the order so that you can renounce at some articles that you bought. As soon as possible, we pay back the prices of the product that you renounce and the correspondent shipping costs (anyway within maximum 14 days since we are informed of the changes at the order).
If you have received the purchase and the goods does not satisfy your expectations or your needs, you can return it; the communication must arrive us in max 10 days from the date of delivery with the following information: 
Number of the order;
In case of partial renounce, description and quantity of the products that you want to return;
Bank routing number;
Bank account holder must be the same specified in the billing address.
The communication of return can be provided: 
by an email to info@ceramicavietrese.it;
by fax;
by writing us a letter write us a letter (using the standard form required by law, but it isn’t obligatory) 
We will pay back the price of the products that you renounce, EXCEPT for the delivery costs. 
The refund will be carried out in max 14 days from the return of the purchase and the verification of its state. 
The purchase must return at your expense, with the courier, well packed, at your own risk to the address: 
Ceramica Vietrese c/o RM-Solutions srl – Via Nabucco, 20 – 80126 Napoli – Italia.
Nothing will be refund in case goods arrives broken or damaged (even if it is partially broken or damaged) .
If you decide to communicate by letter the partial or total  annulment of the order, we remind you that the letter must arrive, to carry out your right, before we send the purchase.
Once we send the purchase, you can, anyway, return it, but in a different way described below. 
The eventual communication must be sent to: CeramicaVietrese c/o Di Palma Claudia Via Nabucco, 20 - 80126 Napoli (Italia).
(Sales of products on Internet are disciplined by Law Decree no. 185 in date 22/05/1999, which regulates the field distance contracts, that is contracts made  outside of business premises, and regulated also by the Directive 2011/83 / EU, implemented in Italy with THE LEGISLATIVE DECREE NO. 21 February 2014, No. 21 )