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The web site offer the services provided by the best national and international express couriers.
The wares  is send whit adequate packaging to protect the contain. The courier will provid to deliver the purchases in 48/72 hours (*), to the address indicated by the customer in the order.
Then, you can follow, after the request, the state of your order with the code that we will send you, as soon the expedition will be done, on the courier website. Customer deliveries are meant on the ground floor, facing the street. No delivery to the plan is included, which should be expressly requested and will be subject to an additional cost if necessary.
Anyway, the shipping fees are intended at customer’s charge, also in the case that the customer refuses the purchases or, for every reason, the purchase that is regularly ordered returns to the sender. The shipping fees to come back the purchase to our store will be charged to the customer.  In case of nonpayment of the shipping fees, Ceramica Vietrese  will apply a legal action to get back the amount.

In case of delivery of wares broken or damaged, Ceramica Vietrese can’t be charged.

In case of rejection or not retired of the goods by the customer or non-payment of the possible customs charge with consequentially return of the goods  to the sender (Ceramica Vietrese), all the costs for the return of the goods will be charged to the customer with subsequent communication.

Shipping times and delivery
Vietri Ceramics will provide to the courier the goods within 15/16 working days of receipt of payment (subject to availability of stock, Christmas and unless otherwise indicated in the product sheet for those items with longer delivery times and / or by arrangement if artistic ceramics made to "measure" when ordering).
The delivery normally takes 3-5 days in Italy, 5-7 days in European Community  or in 7-15 outside European Community (excepted in particular periods - e.g. Christmas time, difficult weather conditions/summer holidays).
For wedding favors the average production time is about 25 working days.

Times are indicative and not binding.

Ceramica Vietrese will provide to entrust to the courier the goods in 15 working days from the payment ( consider the availability in the warehouse and if isn’t indicated in other way on the product page for the object with longer shipping time or to concord as for the artistic ceramic which is realized at the moment of the order).
Taxes and customs duties
When you buy goods online, some or all of the assets may not come from your home country, so must be payed  to customs duties on them, which are rates or taxes applied on goods when they are imported from countries outside the European Community. These rates are regulated by local customs authorities.
Import taxes and customs duties are paid by the buyer and are never included in the shipping costs.
What do you have to do at the delivery of the purchase?
You can retire the pack and can control the integrity with calm (you have 4 days). You must check that: the elements in consignment are the same contained in the transport document, that the package is intact, not damaged neither wetted also in scotch-tape or other type of latch.
If you realize that the number of  elements don’t correspond whit the elements written in the transport document you must immediately contest to the delegate of delivery.

We remind you that to obtain the reimbursement of eventual damages it is important that the expedition must be accepted signing the courier delivery document! (Attention, not on the attached copy of the invoice).
If the package results damaged or tampered you can take a photo of the damaged/tampered side and a photo of the whole package. After that,  open the package, if the purchase is broken or damaged,  put it near the package and take a photo of the broken pieces.  In the same way, in case of tampered package, you must verify that everything is inside and if something is missing you must take a note. Later you must send photos and notes by e-mail to  and we will start the notification procedures with the courier and its insurance.
You have to wait to be contacted by us or directly from the insurance that will ask you explanation about the delivery (naturally, you have to confirm that the package had damages).
Later on it will be our duty to send you again the products requested  without any further costs.

What to do if, while opening the package, you realize that something is missing or there is a mistake with the wares delivered?
Don’t you worry, you must contact us immediately filling in the form on the website or send us an e-mail to with the description of what happened and an eventual photo of the article wrongly received and we will agree together the best solution at the mistake.