Our master potters

A story made of places, passion, techniques and art

Generations of Master Ceramists
Our ceramic is 100% handcrafted according to the ancient tradition of Vietri sul Mare, handed down from father to son, from generation to generation, by artists who for centuries have plunged their hands in clay and dyed their face with the colors of the Sorrento Coast and Amalfi.
In fact, in the area between Cava dè Tirreni and the Port of Vietri sul Mare we already have news of a flourishing trade in terracotta since the 14th century, but the real Vietrese Ceramics, as we know it today, flourished between the 1700s and the 1800s.
Jug Made by Hand
Jug Made by Hand
And it is in the 1800s that the tradition of our ceramic masters begins. That work that becomes Passion, that everyday life that becomes Art, that Tradition that becomes Experimentation, that Experimentation that becomes daily Innovation. A world of art where, every day, like ancient alchemists, potters experiment with new shapes and colors, to be left to their children as a gift of love and responsibility towards the new generations.
An art that is learned since childhood
Thus, from past centuries, the Art of Vietri Ceramics has come down to the present day. A legacy handed down in the shop, between hard work, example and sacrifice. Vietri Ceramics, this art made by knowing how to shape the earth and capturing the colors of the sun, the sea and the earth, has no written rules, but resists only through the experience of the elderly handed down to young people.
Without this school, Master Ceramists cannot be invented, because the thousand secrets developed over the centuries can be taught to you and left as a gift only by a parent who loves you. And it is only thanks to this baggage of love, inherited from their parents, that our Master Ceramists, every day, manage to find the perfect synthesis for the creations of True and Own Works of Art. Works of Art that are not only the Mural Plates, or the views of the Coast painted on Tables or in the Murales, but Works of Art are also and above all the dishes, which dishes, which decorate and color our table every day.
A ceramic worthy of a king
Proof that even the dishes of Ceramica Vietrese are a work of art, is the fact that even a king, such as Umberto II of Savoy and his consort Maria Josè of Belgium, chose to color their table with the dishes and dishes della Faenzera (so called the ancient factories of Vietri Ceramics) of one of the Masters of the time, great-great-grandfather of our current Ceramists.
The drawings of then and today
The designs represented in the first Ceramica Vietrese were simple designs, drawn directly from everyday life. The boats, the fishermen, the vendors with the basket on their heads, the women with the lancets (clay containers) and with the child in the chest, the lovers, the parties with processions, the musicians and many donkeys that over time were painted they became the symbol of Vietri ceramics. Today the tradition is maintained with all the designs of the past, but over time, the views and panoramas of the Amalfi Coast have been added, the lemons symbol of Sorrento, marine decorations, animals, baroque decorations, but also modern decorations where the the impact of colors is the master.
The colors were, then as today, the real strength of the Ceramica di Vietri: the blue of the clear sky of Amalfi, the deep blue of the sea, the golden orange of the citrus fruits of the Amalfi Coast, the bright green of the woods and the typical yellow invented in Vietri, all expertly mixed with a technique created as early as the thirteenth century.
Cachepot pots before <br> cooking in the oven
Cachepot pots before
cooking in the oven
Today at CeramicaVietrese.it we use the best ceramic masters that Vietri and the Amalfi Coast can offer. Masters who are the grandchildren of the founders of the first Faenziere between Vietri and Cava dè Tirreni and children of those fathers who have been able to pass on this ancient art over the course of 6 generations. Masters, ours, who have colored blood of the colors of the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast, who fully sink their hands in the tradition, but who also know how to innovate and experiment every day to always give a new and renewed emotion to our customers, convinced that passion, enthusiasm and professionalism are the added value of our art, of our ceramics, of the real Made in Italy.