Gifts list

Gifts list

For your special event give yourself an artistic gift, choosing among the various proposals of Ceramica Vietrese!

An online list today is the best solution which permit to choose, directly from the website, what gifts receive, totally free, without obligations and collecting your gifts with a secure and professional service.


Make a gift list with us is easy, funny and convenient because…


Quick and easy for you, safe and comfortable for the guests

It is immediate and easy to use, in a moment your list is online and your guests, directly from their pc, tablet or smartphone, could give you all what you want, also leaving you a message. 

The list could be change in a complete and elegant website

Choosing the Premium package you will have the possibility to create a real web site dedicated to your special day, completely to personalize and with a refinited design, that you could use for share with friends and relatives all the information and the best moments of your event. 


Gifts never end

For the lists above 1.200,00 €, Ceramica Vietrese give you a voucher of 10% of the total value of the list to spend for all the products present in the catalogue online. 

Who make a gift, receive a surprise

All the guests, that pay their tribute on your list, they will receive an email of thankful personalized by you and a discount of 10% to spend on our shop online.   

Click here if you're interested to know all the reasons to open a list with us