Recipes Claudia

Stuffed standing up paccheri
A very rather simple recipe, which however makes use of a very surprising presentation of the dish. The paccheri standing up, positioned on the baking tray, one next to the other, as if to form a cake.
Scent of almonds and raspberries - recipe by Carmen Vecchione
A delicious dessert, prepared by Pastrychef Carmen Vecchione of the Dorciarte pastry shop in Avellino.
Artisan fusillone with fennel pesto, pistachio, almonds and prawns - Recipe by Caterina Ceraudo
The chef of the starred restaurant Dattilo has prepared, for the event, DONNE, a dish that contains all the colors and flavors of summer. A dish made with a few simple ingredients but which has a truly unique taste. We invite you to make the recipe with us.
Artisan Spaghetti with roasted and smoked pepper water, cetara anchovies, mullet bottarga and fresh coriander - Recipe by Cristina Bowerman
On the first day of showcooking at the WOMEN event, which is currently taking place on the Lungomare Caracciolo in Naples, the starred Chef Cristina Bowerman cooked one of her best dishes, revealing some secrets to make an excellent dish. I have taken note of everything and now I will explain how to make Spaghetti cooked in roasted pepper water, Cetara anchovies, mullet bottarga and fresh coriander.
Almond and coconut creamy by Pastry Chef Stefania Fasano
Creamy almond and coconut is the dessert that the pastry-chef Stefania Fasano of the Baunilha pastry shop in Baronissi, presented in her showcooking during the DONNA event. This dessert was created after a careful study, carried out to teach the new generations that desserts should not be given up and that they can be tasted avoiding feelings of guilt. Let's find out how to make this delicious dessert.
Buffalo Mozzarella in Scrigno
A new idea to reinvent the use of mozzarella, transforming it into a hot second course or a tasty and quick aperitif. A reworking of this fantastic raw material, the mozzarella di bufula campana DOP, which can also be fully included in the "recovery" dishes, to be made when you have mozzarella for a few days left.
Focaccia by Chef Giorgio Locatelli
Giorgio Locatelli has become famous in Italy, for some years, thanks to Masterchef, the competition between chefs, broadcast on Sky. In fact, Locatelli was already very famous outside our country, thanks to its starred restaurants in London and Dubai. Locanda Locatelli is the London restaurant that the chef opened in 2002. Here, dozens of people have lunch there every day: English, but also Italians and foreign tourists, visit Locanda Locatelli because they are attracted by the fame of the great chef, as well as by the splendid menu made in Italy that the chef offers. But there is a dish, which is linked to the fame of the inn. More than a dish, in reality, it is a delicacy, which the chef prepares every day, to serve it to his customers. We are talking about the Classic Focaccia, which despite being a simple dish, with his recipe, the chef managed to make it one of the symbols of his Locanda Locatelli