Latest News alongside WOMEN

  Published on 01 Lug 2021 09:38
WOMEN is the event, organized by Dr. Annamaria Colao of the Federico II University, which will be held from 30 June to 2 July on the Lungomare Caracciolo in Naples. During this event completely dedicated to us women, you will have the opportunity to make free medical examinations, with 7 medical courses dedicated to prevention. In addition, there will be an area dedicated to cultural meetings in which we will discuss many issues that concern us women, such as violence and bullying.
But the peculiarity of this year is that inside the village there will be a kitchen, where showcooking will be held, coordinated by the nutritionist biologist Francesca Marino and where, in addition to cooks and pastry chefs, we from CeramicaVietrese will also be present.
Yes, because the chefs who will prepare the delicious dishes will use the dishes of our Ceramica, made specifically for this beautiful event.
So what are you waiting for? Join us on the Lungomare Caracciolo, so you can visit the event, or, continue to follow us to stay informed.