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For Pizza EVA: Prof. Annamaria Colao of the Unesco Chair Federico II, Francesca Marino Nutritionist, Salvatore Grasso President of Historic Pizzerias "Le Centenarie", Giuseppe Daddio "Sweet and Salty" School, Luciano Pignataro Journalist "Il Mattino"

  Published on 29 Giu 2021 10:56
EVA: Elixir of Life and Art, this is what the delicious low-calorie pizza is to be born from an idea of Dr. Colao in collaboration with the nutritionist Francesca Marino and the gastronome Luciano Pignataro.
Despite being the same as the pizzas that we can eat in the many pizzerias in Naples, the EVA pizza is a pizza with much fewer calories than a classic margherita, this is because it is obtained from a dough with semi-whole flour rich in macronutrients, vitamins and minerals.
The dough is then left to rise for 12 hours at a controlled temperature and for another 4 hours at room temperature.
In addition to the dough, however, also the other ingredients that go to season the pizza, are prepared to ensure that their characteristics are enhanced. For example, the tomato is cooked as little as possible in order to preserve the lycopene. Instead of salt and also the basil leaf, the pizza is topped with a basil caviar, rich in ascorbic acid.
These substances, together with the glucomannan added to the dough, prevent tumors and decrease cholesterol levels.
The pizza can also be tasted on Wednesday 30 June, on the occasion of the inauguration of DONNE, the Festival of Women's Health and Wellness, but if you feel like making it at home, you just have to go to our recipe book and follow all the instructions. which were given to us directly by Dr. Colao.
Finally, if you want to serve it in the dishes of Ceramica Vietrese, just like you did at the event on Monday 28 June, you just have to go to our e-shop and look for the pizza dishes you like best.