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1.000 Products in Prompt Delivery with Shipping in 24 Hours

  Published on 16 Apr 2021 13:14
The revolution of our e-commerce continues with the inclusion of Prompt Delivery !! In fact, those who follow us will have noticed, for a few days we have included almost 1,000 products ready for delivery with shipping in 24 hours. Prompt delivery follows the recent introduction of free shipping for Italy, for all purchases over 79 euros.
A revolution, we said, that continues because we started making our e-shop, already a few months ago, much more "friendly" thanks to the possibility of simply connecting with your Facebook and Google account. This was followed by a revamped and simplified shopping cart for a faster and easier shopping experience. We continued with new product sheets, now clearer, more direct and with more information. Then the FAQ (frequently asked questions), the unification of similar products for a simplification of the purchase choice, wish list, automation of the request for quotes. Another important improvement was the introduction of an extra person in our Customer Service dedicated to the Call Center. Now, the kind Mrs. Cristina welcomes your requests and answers your questions by telephone from Monday to Friday from 14.00 to 17.00.
2 months ago, then, the free shipping in Italy and now the Prompt Delivery and shipping in 24 hours.
We have done other things and a lot is still boiling in the pot ... but we will tell you about all this later.

Stay Tuned !!