Wedding list

Wedding list

What is and how it works

A present for you and your guests!

For your special event with take to your home the unique and inimitable style of Vietri Ceramic. simple and convenient for you, safe and reliable for your guests, near and far that could easily access and with few clicks can give you a small share or an entire object among all the objects that you have chosen in our vast catalogue.

Discover it immediately, it is very complete with services and functionalities, customized to your taste!

In few minutes and comfortable from your home or wherever you are, you could create freely your wedding list online and customize a web page with a photo, a welcome message for your guests, the date, the hour and the description of the event.

Discover how the list works:
  • Visit the section “create a wedding list” and register yourself freely at website to access in area customers.
  • Fill in the form inserting list’s name, the date and the hour of the event.
  • Create your wedding list selecting the products that you want between the lots of products present in our catalogue and, if you want, for every product you could choose the number of quotes to share the price.
  • Your wedding list is ready… Waiting for the presents.

Wedding list give you the possibility of:
  • Have access in every time, and with every smartphone or tablet or pc, in your reserved area to control the state of the list and read the wish messages received.
  • Add the address of expedition of the presents and have the expedition of them directly at the end of the event.
  • Visualize the register of the users that have made a gift with the relative address e-mail.
  • Send thankful messages through the automatic creation of a model dedicated to the list in the website.
  • Modified in every moment the information present and the choose of the gifts delaying or adding other.
And your guests, could simply and in totally security:
  • Take part to your wedding list also if they are far from you, paying a quote to give you a quote of your list or buying a present chosen by you, with a bank transfer, a credit card, paypall or postepay (only for Italy).
  • Send you wish messages.
If you want a magic event and you want to amaze your guests, you can pass to Premium version and create, for only 89,00 € a wedding list online to share with your guests, enrich it and to personalize a real website, rich of functionalities and adapt for every dispositive.

With a modern and professionally design, the website will permit you to give information to relatives and friends, make photos and videos galleries which talk about your love story, send invitations online and thankful your guests or receive messages dedicated for you and making easy the organization of the wedding.

All the functionalities of Premium list:
  • Graphic: choose among 2 layouts and customize your website, selecting principal front and principal color to use between the color offered.
  • Photo and Video Galleries: insert a gallery of photo and a gallery of video (from youtube) to share every moment of your event.
  • Map: insert the map with the position of the place of the ceremony and the party.
  • Additional information: insert your description, a description of the party and of the ceremony
  • Countdown: you could show how many days are at your wedding
  • Invitation: you could send graphic email to your guests to invite them to your event directly online.
  • Confirmation RSVP: where you could receive confirmation of relatives and friends among the filling of an online form.
  • Thankful: Thank your guests for their gifts with a click.

Wedding list ... a simple and fun way to help you make your special day!