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Recipe of Risotto with Certosa cheese and mince with a zest of lemon

Recipe of Risotto with Certosa cheese and mince with a zest of lemon
Recipe of Risotto with Certosa cheese and mince with a zest of lemon Risotto with Certosa cheese and mince with a zest of lemon:
I always have at home a better rice (Italian!!) of bio agriculture, because with the rise and with other short ingredients you are able to realise always a good risotto. In fact, this my idea of Risotto with Certosa cheese and mince with a zest of lemon born in a day of the week, when you open the fridge because you have no idea on what do for lunch. In this case, in the fridge, a fresh cheese like certosa, some fresh onions, an hamburger of the day before... plus a beautiful lemon of Sorrento.
So, also if it is a dish of the last moment, to empty fridge, I assure you that the result will be the lick of the pot!! advices:
For my risotto with Certosa cheese mince and a zest of lemon, i use, instead of Tropea onion DOP (my favourite), i use some fresh onions or a leek because i suppose they give a touch of sweetness in a dish that risk to be so salt! 
In this dish I have used also an hamburger of the day before, but you can also use a bovine or mixed mince (as you prefer), or to avoid it and make a pure risotto where the essential elements are the cheeses.
Yes, the cheeses: in this case I used a simple certosa cheese (you can find it to the refrigerator aisle in the supermarket), but you can also use a crescenza or another fresh and creamy cheese.

Cook the rise with great care and the consequence creamy, I recommend you, it is the most important phase, that make the difference!
Choose a biologic rise, with a grain that keep the cook, adapt to risotto. I use Carnaroli of Pavia. 
And for the creamy, remember, only cold butter from fridge.
Salt only at the end, after the taste, because among broth and cheese it could be enough.

Ingredients for 4 people:
3 -4 fresh onions or leek
2 spoon of Extra Virgin Oil DOP
Riso Carnaroli 350 g
1 or 2 Hamburgher for about 130-150 gr of mince
50 ml of Rhum or Cognac
Vegetable broth 1 l
Butter 10 g
1 Certosa of 120 -150 g
80 gr of grated Parmigiano DOP (or Grano Padano DOP)
1 Lemon of Sorrento DOP
Fine Salt q.b.
Pepper q.b.

Preparation (Time of preparation: about 35-40 minuts):
Clean the onions. Cut them in slices and put them in a pot with Extra Virgin oil and 2 espresso cups of water. When the water will be dry, let cook the onions for some minutes.
Add the hamburger, break it with a spoon (the mast small possible). Let cook for some minutes until all the water will be dried and the onions will be brown.
In another pot, you prepare the vegetable broth, with 1 lt of water, 1 carrot, 1 onion and a 1 piece of celery (everything washed before)... or if you haven't time enough, make a broth with 1 lt of water and a stock cube.
Add the rise and let it toast for 2-3 minutes taking care to turn it without stick the rise on the bottom of the pot. Add the Rhum and let it dry. Add a ladleful of broth and continue with the cook of the risotto, add the broth everytime the risotto will be dry. 
When the risotto will be approximately ready, turn off the fire and add the cheeses for the creamy, with the butter mixing well. 
Let it creamy with the top and the fire off for 2 minutes. Serve it in an our colorful dinner plate of Ceramica Vietrese, adding a zest of lemon of Sorrento (it will give aroma and freshness to dish) and, if you prefer, add a touch of fresh pepper.


… so enjoy your meal with my Risotto with Certosa cheese and mince with a zest of lemon, that if it is served in the colorful plates  of it surely will be better and also more beautiful to see!!!