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Pastiera - with shortcrust pastry with nuts - Recipe of the typical Neapolitan Easter food.

Ingredients fo the grain:
- 1 tin of precookeg grain of  560 gr
- 300 gr of milk 
- 1 spoon of butter (or lard as tradition)
- 1 biologic orange skin 
- 1 biologic leom skin (if possibile DOP of Sorrento)
Ingredients for shortcrust pastry:
- 200 gr of soft butter 
- 200 gr of sugar 
- 2 eggs
- 1 egg yolk 
- 300 gr of flour 
- 200 gr of toast Nuts (preferably DOP Giffoni) minced with the mixer
- 1 biologic orange skin 
- 1 biologic leom skin (if possibile DOP of Sorrento)
Ingredients for the cream: 
- 800 gr of ricotta
- 600 gr of sugar 
- 7 eggs 
- 3 eggs yolk
- 1 vanilla essence 
- 2 phials of orange flower essence 
- 1 phial of millefiori essence 
- a touch of salt 
Preparation of the grain:
Put the milk in a pot with the lemon and orange skin and let them boil for 5 minutes. Turn off the fire and let it repose for 20 minutes (as the skins release the aromas) Put the grain fo the tin in another pot, add butter and the filtred milk. 
Let all boil mix often unti the mixture become a cream ( about 25-30 minutes).
Let it cold 
Preparation of the shortcrust:
Make the shortcrust pastry (by hand or helping with a robot kitchen) with the soft butter, the flour, lemon and orange grated skin, the sugar and the minced nuts. ADVANCE: the Nuts must be minced delicately, not pulverize because they lose their oil.
Let it to repose in the fridge rolled up in the kitchen pellicula for almost 1 hour. 
Preparazion of the cream:
In the kitchen robot (or by hand with a whisk and/or wooden spoon) put the ricotta and the sugar and mix til obtain a cream. Continuing to mix, add the grain cream, the eggs, the yolk eggs, vanilla essence, a touch of salt and orange flower and millefiori essences. 
Mix to obtain a liquid dense mixture.
Upholster an aluminium baking tray of 33 cm (high about 4 cm) with a layer of shortcrust pastry of 2 cm that you must extend with a rolling pin (helping with some flour). 
Add all the cream and decore with crossed strips of shortcrust pastry. 
Warm up the oven to 190°C, put the pastiera and when it become blonde, lower the temperature to 170°. Continue the cookinf to obtain a brown color which tend to burnded red/brown. Turn off the oven and let it inside for other 10 minutes. 
Advance: lasciatela let it repose for 24 hours and then serve it to ambient temperature (it release all its odour) dusted with vanilla sugar. 

To serve it, use a handpaint dish with the blue of Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento's lemons of and you'll see that also the Pastiera will be better!!! 

Happy Easter!!!!