Pot for seedlings - Geometric Decor

The jar consists of 2 pieces and can contain your plants.
A very nice object, also recommended as a wedding favor.
The jar is available in different diameters: 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 20 - 25 - 30 cm
Short pot for plants geometric decoration
9,20 €
2-piece pot for seedlings - Geometric decoration: our jars are made up of two pieces: there is the cylindrical jar, inside which you can put your plant and there is also the small coordinated cache pot. With this small set, even your plants can be enriched with the bright colors of Vietri ceramics. The jars proposed here are those made in the Geometric decoration . This decoration is one of the "modern" ones, but it has fully entered the Vietri Artisan Tradition: It is a unique, rich decoration, with angular shapes. The Maison Dolce and Gabbana also took inspiration from this decoration and, with an explosion of colors, they used it for their famous collection of high fashion clothes.

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FAQ Domande Frequenti
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Are the products handmade?
Yes, they are handmade one by one by our Master Ceramists and Artisans and each product bears the brand and our site (except those that are too small where it cannot be affixed). You can learn more on our page THE ART OF OUR WORKING
Is it normal that the product may have some small defects?
Yes, absolutely. It is in the very nature of handcrafted products not to be all perfectly identical and possibly have small imperfections in shapes or colors. You can learn more at this link
Are the products certified to contain even hot food?
Yes, absolutely! The raw materials with which we make and color our products have all been analyzed by an accredited laboratory and certified for food use according to the European MOCA standard. Find out more at the following link
Can i use them in the microwave?
Yes, it is possible to do it, but we do not recommend it because in the long term the microwave tends to create micro lesions in the decoration.
Can i wash them in the dishwasher?
Yes, of course or even by hand using a normal neutral or dish detergent and a sponge.
What is meant by "Vietri Type Plate"?
It refers to the shape of the plate which has a wavy and not smooth edge.
Where do you make your ceramic?
Our ceramics are made entirely in our laboratories (and in small part by some of our partners), but all located within the historic production area of the "Vietrese" located between Vietri, Molina, Cava Dei Tirreni, Amalfi Coast.
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Can I share the products I like with friends or relatives before buying?
Yes, absolutely! Insert the products in your "Wish List" and then from there you can share it via Mail, via Facebook, Print it. This is a quick and easy way to inform and make everyone agree, when the gift is not given by one person, but by several people.
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We accept electronic payments with Credit Cards, PayPal, PostePay, Bank Transfers and Poste Pay Recharge (Italy only).
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We use the most important national and international couriers, which offer a professional service and with absolutely tracked shipments. Learn more on our Shipping page
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It is absolutely recommended so that we or the courier can communicate with you quickly.
How long after the order do you ship the goods?
Once the order has been received and the payment has been verified, we will immediately process it. Products marked at the time of purchase in "prompt delivery" are entrusted to the courier within 24-48 hours from the order (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). Those, on the other hand, to be made and NOT marked as ready for delivery require about 15-20 working days (except for the December and August holidays where the times could be extended) to be made and, therefore, shipped.
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But if I ask for a refund for the returned goods, will you also refund the shipping costs?
No, those are the responsibility of the customer (including any customs fees and taxes).

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