Mosaic Ravello - measuring 60x40 cm panel - hand-painted tiles

The Mosaic In photo measuring 60x40 cm (20x20 tiles made with 6 cm)
We manufacture panels also commission murals and mosaics of different sizes and with setting reproductions, religious motifs, landscapes, views - possibility to play back images or landscapes on customer proposal.
The panel is made up of individual tiles made and painted by hand that are made up like a puzzle.
Availability of different tile sizes (10x10 - 20x20 - 30x30 cm).
You can also make reproductions of ancient decorations.
Mosaic Panel Ravello - handpainted tiles
Product code: MAMU11A

Product description

Wall panels - Murals 60x40cm decor View of Ravello - composed of 6 tiles (tiles) as a mosaic - hand-painted terracotta craft (tiled) of different sizes and designs - tiles - made and decorated by hand - The colors are explosive of Amalfi Coast (yellow colors of the Sorrento lemon trees, the blue of the sea of Amalfi, Positano of the celestial sky, the red of the setting sun Vietri).
We can also play patterns of ancient Vietri tiles. We produce on demand environments, arabesques, religious motifs, landscapes, views. Ability to fully custom designs.
The products of Vietri Ceramics are marked and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity and hand construction 100% made in Vietri.

A centuries-old tradition in the service of art

Our pottery comes from the skilled hands of artisans and decorators for 6 generations shall make every piece unique and unrepeatable in style 100% Made in Italy
Made in Italy