Bell with butterfly in Italian Pottery- also like party favor

customizable with initials
Dimensions cm 6 x 8 cm
It is possible buy it with a package as Party Favor (with sugared almonds and note) - ask for a quote. 
Bell with butterfly in Italian Pottery
Product code: BOPI03POLI

Product description

Bell with butterfly in Italian Pottery  - also like party favor  - Handmade and handpainted with atoxic colors and materials - 100%Pottery - 100& Made in Italy - Cleaned or dust by hand with specific product, not abrasive sponge and anti-dust product. The product of Ceramica Vietrese are marked one by one and they are accompanied with their certificate of authenticity and fulfillment 100% hand made in Italy. 

A centuries-old tradition in the service of art

Our pottery comes from the skilled hands of artisans and decorators for 6 generations shall make every piece unique and unrepeatable in style 100% Made in Italy
Made in Italy