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The Vietri Ceramics Candidate to UNESCO World Heritage Site

  Published on 10 Ott 2018 13:39

Yesterday Tuesday, October 9th the BIG News: The Regional Council of Campania has unanimously approved to apply the ceramics art of Vietri to UNESCO World Heritage Site !!

Yes, great news for this' ancient and beautiful art that after years of darkness where it had been forgotten by most, mistreated, disincentivata by nefarious policies, inflated by fakes, attacked by Chinese imitations, finally, sees the Campania region, in the wake also of the approval for the Art of Pizza, to commit to this noble excellence of Campania and Italian, handed down over the centuries from father to son, has the right recognition and the right protection.

So, yesterday, with the green light of the Regional Council, all the necessary actions can be activated "so that the art of Vietri ceramics is recognized as a UNESCO heritage to guarantee, over the years, its protection and its incentive especially towards young people. generations », Enzo Maraio, the promoter of the agenda, comments,« The artistic ceramics of Vietri sul Mare is the synthesis of an important historical heritage of our territory - he adds - represented for the most part in the Museum which today is located near Villa Guariglia in Raito di Vietri sul Mare ». "To this we must add the work that the ceramists continue to do, protecting on the one hand the artisan tradition without forgetting research and experimentation - he concludes - The many artisan shops in Vietri sul Mare, each different in production style, are a wealth to protect »

An initiative that we at applaud and that we will try in our small to support and promote in every place and venue ... because Art, in any form and expression, must be protected and never denigrated, forgotten, copied!
Meanwhile, we cross our fingers!