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Pompeii Archaeological Park and engaged together in a Restoration Project

  Published on 26 Lug 2020 11:32
When they involved us we believed it was almost a joke, then we realized that, instead, they wanted us at the Pompeii Archaeological Park (Unesco World Site) to reproduce the Vases that adorned a walk inside the Excavations between the late 1800s and early 1900s.
It is not a simple job to reproduce the ancient vases starting from only a few grainy images of the time, but with passion, our Masters turned to the lathe and, thanks to their professionalism, experience and deep traditions, they succeeded in this arduous task.
A supply of 12 Vases + 1/2 to restore this walk as it was more than a century ago. A task that has honored us and that fills our hearts and minds with joy and new stimuli to do better every day more.
A heartfelt thanks to the Head of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii for choosing us !!