The art of manufacturing ceramic

The Shaping
The Shaping

When handcraft become art

Beyond 6 generations D’Arienzo’s Family connect tradition and innovation in a perfect summary that guarantee an artisan product of most high quality.
Colors brush strokes, passion, old techniques of production, taste and sophistication of decoration: these are the Vietri ceramic treasures, a production completely handmade by expert artisans and decorators who explain with creativity and talent the colors and the  typical style of Amalfi Coast.
The Raw Material
Ground, fire, air and water: are the four natural elements essential in the old art of Ceramic.
Starting from ground and therefore from kèramos, the old greek term to indicate the clay used to shape manually the artifacts, that in our Vietri Ceramic is the red clay, which arrives from Salerno.
Fire and air represent the elements which allow to the clay to become ceramic and to the glazes and the colors to connect them to clay forever, to create unique artworks.
At the end, there is the water, that since the ancient times represent life, it is used in ceramic to mix the doughs and to combine the colors, to unite elements that apparently couldn’t be mixed together.
The Shaping
This is the moment at which red clay pass from simple dough of ground and water to become artifact. In this way, in the competent hands of our Ceramic Experts the clay takes shape, using the lathe or using hand mould or press. After the shaping the artifact goes through a natural process of desiccation at the air to allow a gradually loss of humidity and its plasticity is fixed. After this stage, it is possible to cook the article.
First cooking
It is the time that the shape given to the ground by our Ceramic Experts pass into the furnace at the high temperature of 960° so that  the shapes given by the artisans remain fixed  forever.
But when our ceramic comes out of the furnace, still untreated and still with the color of the ground, it has still a long way to become a real Vietri Ceramic. Indeed, at the end, the ceramic must be coloured by our decorators so to be marvelously hand painted.
The colouring
The colouring, is usually made with the immersion of the article in a white layer which will be used as base for the decoration. In case it occurs, it is possible use also other technique to decorate the object: by aerograph or icing. The particular colour used to decorate is the typical colour “White Vietri”  that is a semi-transparent off-white that gives to the colors a brilliant effect, that is typical of old ancient production of Vietri.
The Colors
The principal colors of our ceramics, handiwork realized with ancient  recipes jealously kept,  recall the colors of the south Italy: Blue printing, Blue Overseas, Old Blue, the Yellow of the Sun and the Amalfi Coast Lemons, Vietri’s Yellow, Copper Green, Light Green, Orange and Vivid Red.  The color used are part of an old and severe guideline: they are made of water, they are non-toxic because they are food-safe materials and can be used into the dishwasher.
The Decoration
The technic of decoration of our Decorator Experts on the Vietri white is carried out with freehand drawing and, then, the color is applied manually. Our realizations present decorations inspired by the Vietri tradition, but they don’t refuse new decorations to revisit the tradition itself.

Second Cooking
After the colouring and the decoration , there is the second cooking at the temperature of 900°, to fix the colour on the object and to give to the ceramic its typical brilliance.
The second cooking is slower but, maybe, even the most delicate, where all the craftsmanship, the wisdom and the knowledge of our ceramic experts realize unique pieces of Artistic Ceramic, where the brilliant colors take life to donate emotions….emotions which are reconfirmed every time we admire them.
The ground that takes shape in the hands… A unique emotion that pass on by generations.