Our master potters

Old Artistic Ceramics Ceramica Vietrese
Old Artistic Ceramics Ceramica Vietrese
Our masters of ceramics Marino and Umberto D'Arienzo
Our masters of ceramics Marino and Umberto D'Arienzo

A history made by place, passion, technique and art

6 Generations of Master Potters
Our ceramic is produced 100% handmade following the old tradition of Vietri sul Mare by the master potters of the D’Arienzo’s Family. Master potters from 6 generations shape the clay and paint their face with the colors of Amalfi Coast. In D’Arienzo’s Family the first to touch the clay was Vincenzo (born in 1804) and later his son, Natale (born in 1836), and then Natale’s son, Vincenzo (born in 1870). But the real change of direction for the family and for the ceramic story of Vietri was given by Natale D’Arienzo (born in 1912, September 26th), Vincenzo’s son.

Natale D’Arienzo
At that time, the unique male son had to do his best to help his family and Natale, at only 8 years old, had to work with the clay for the first time. Together with his father Vincenzo, he worked at pieces rates to the various “faenzere”: bread, olive and some big tomato salads were the daily salary. But Natale, pushed by a great passion, very soon  understood that his work was more than “surviving”. He understood, indeed, that the ceramic, more than being an art, it was a way to express his life, his soul.
In 1933, Natale managed, with Prof. Rossi, a ceramic school in Salerno and in that time he knew Guido Gambone; with him, more than sharing the same passion for the ceramic, began to born a good friendship and, later, they worked together in the same “faenzera”,  the Avallone’s faenzera.

A ceramic worthy of a king
In this “faenzera” King Umberto II of Savoia and his wife Maria Josè of Belgium chose  Natale and Guido to realize their latware. An experience that gives to Natale the awareness that was the right time to found his “faenzera”, a place where to transmit his art, as for his grandfather with his father and his father with him (as the tradition), to his lovely three sons. In Marina in the 1943, it born the laboratory of Natale: it was a workshop rich of old touch of family companies where models, shapes, colors, were the unique treasure that a father could transmit to his son.

The paintings
The paintings represented were simple,  caught from the daily life. It was painted boats, fishermen, sellers with a basket on the head, women with the “lancelle”(clay containers) and with the son in their arms, the lovers, the village festival with the procession, the musicians and lots of donkeys that in the time became  the symbol of Vietri ceramic.

The colors were, nowadays as yesterday, the really strength of Vietri ceramic: the light blue of the Amalfi sky, the deep blue of the sea, the golden orange of the Amalfi Coast citrus, the brilliant green of the woods and the typical yellow invented in Vietri. All these colors wisely mixed with a technique realized since  XIII century.

Current branch
In 1953, the “faenzera” in Marina was closed to open a new one in Molina, but it was only a little period, because Natale D’Arienzo was working on the idea of opening a ceramic factory much bigger. After some years of hard work, the new factory, found by Natale D’Arienzo and his sons, when everything was done to open, on the August, 24th 1966, Natale died due a heart attack. In the same year his sons (Vittorio, Umberto and Giovannina) and his wife decided to open anyway the factory, preserving in their heart the image of a man that was unique as father, as husband and as great artist.

Today into the factory is possible to meet the grandchildren Marino and Umberto D’Arienzo. They are the artists that, today as yesterday, continue to interpret the same morals and the same traditions of their grandfather. 
Artists convinced that the passion, the enthusiasm, the dedication and  the competence are the great qualities of our art, of our ceramic, of our genuine  Made In Italy.