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Pasta with Beans and Mussels in Vietri ceramic

... my recipe of Pasta and Beans with Mussels:
Pasta and beans with mussels is a typically Neapolitan dish, and despite the use of beans, it is a fresh and summer dish that has little to do with winter beans soup.
... my advice:
The most important advice I can give you is to use only the fresh cannellini beans, best known as "Spollichini".
Spollichini beans are a variety of beans, typically Neapolitan, and they are found exclusively in summer.
Ingredients for 4 people:
320 gr pasta mixed
400 gr of Spollichini beans
1 cloves of fresh garlic
400 gr of fresh Pachino tomatoes (PDO)
1/2 glass of white wine possibly Falanghina type
Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVO q.b.
Sale till q.b.
Sale grosso q.b.
Pepper as needed. (If you like it) or spicy chili
1 tuft of parsley
Spollichini, as they are fresh beans, do not need to be soaked, as is the case with dried beans.
To prepare Pasta and Beans with Mussels, you must first open the mussels. After cleaning them under running water, place them in a frying pan, cover them with the lid and cook for a few minutes, waiting for them to open and pull out their water.
Once opened, shell the mussels and put them aside. Filter the water they pulled out and store it.
Now, take a pot and fry the garlic and oil and chili (if you prefer). Once the garlic is browned, add the Pachino tomatoes cut into half and let bake.
Add the beans, with a glass of water and Falanghina wine and let them blur.
When the wine is shaded, add the mussel water and wait for it to boil.
When the water is boiling, lower the pasta and let it cook for about half the cooking time indicated on the package.
At half cooking, add the mussels and mix, waiting for the dough to be cooked.
Once cooked the pasta, add a chopped parsley and pepper (if you prefer). Mix and paint in the beautiful dishes.


... and then Happy Appetite with my own Pasta Beans and Mussels that if accompanied and served in the colorful dishes of will surely be even better, but also more beautiful to see!!!