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Christmas Recipe of the Amalfi Coast: Spaghetti Noci e Nocelle (Hazelnuts)

Spaghetti Noci e Nocelle (Hazelnuts)
Spaghetti Noci e Nocelle (Hazelnuts)
My recipe ...
Speaking of the Amalfi Coast, but also of the Sorrento coast, one immediately thinks of the sun, the sea and the many recipes of typical fish cuisine. But this area is also inland, with perched villages, hill towns, but above all many typical products such as Fior di Latte di Agerola, Caciocavallo del Podolico, Provolone del Monaco, Walnuts and DOP hazelnuts from Avellinese and Giffoni. And it is with these premises that a typical dish of the Christmas holidays of Minori, of the coastal towns , but also of Salerno is that of spaghetti with walnuts and hazelnuts.
A real valid alternative to the typical Christmas day spaghetti with seafood. Walnuts and hazelnuts precisely because the sea is not close to all Campania countries and where it is far away, in the hinterland the soils are rich in these fruits, which thanks to a temperate and ventilated climate grow in abundance and with exceptional qualities.
Furthermore, today walnuts and peanuts have been rediscovered and brought to the attention of all nutritionists such as fruits many nutrients, able to satiate quickly, but above all an excellent source of vitamins, minerals (potassium, magnesium phosphorus and calcium), proteins, fibers, essential fatty acids (the so-called "good" fatty acids) and antioxidants (such as vitamin E).

... my tips:
A good dish is obtained using good ingredients and a lot, but a lot of love.
Therefore, always use a good, rough pasta that keeps cooking well (possibly from Gragnano DOP), good onions (preferably from Tropea DOP), excellent extra virgin olive oil. Choose absolutely Italian walnuts and hazelnuts and possibly DOP (they are healthier and more nutritious).
Important: salt the spaghetti cooking water in moderation, because anchovies in oil are usually well flavored with salt.

Ingredients for 4 people:
320 gr of Spaghettoni (or spaghetti) from Gragnano Dop
100 gr of Walnut Kernels (Italian)
100 gr of DOP hazelnuts
80 gr of salted anchovies
Extra virgin EVO oil
2 cloves of garlic
1 Fresh Organic Lmone (possibly from the Sorrento Coast PDO)
Parsley to taste
Coarse salt to taste (preferably Sicilian Integral Marine)
Pepper or chilli to taste (if you like)

Preparation: ( Preparation time 25 minutes):
Put a saucepan with plenty of water on the stove. When boiling salt the water sparingly and drop the spaghetti. In the meantime, in a pan (large enough for the creaming), brown the 2 cloves of garlic in extra virgin olive oil. When golden, remove the garlic and add the anchovies in oil (and a bit of hot pepper if you like). As soon as the anchovies have melted, add the walnuts and walnuts that you have previously crumbled (possibly in the mortar or alternatively quickly with the electric mixer). Turn gently and mix. Add 1 or 2 ladles of cooking water to the sauce and the drained spaghetti al dente. Add the grated lemon peel and a little chopped parsley.
Whisk everything for 2 minutes in a pan, over high heat, adding, if you have not put the chili pepper, a freshly ground pepper (if you prefer). Serve garnished with some walnuts and some hazelnuts.

... and then Buon Appetito with my Spaghetti Noci e Nocelle (hazelnuts), which if served in the colorful dishes of will surely be even better, but also more beautiful to look at !!!