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A typical Neapolitan Food - recipe of Neapolitan Tortano or Casatiello (A typical Neapolitan Easter savory pizza filled of cured meats)

A recipe of Neapolitan tradition, an Easter filled of pizza made with the bread's dough, lard, cured meats and cheese... 
A not light pizza that obligate you to have a diet almost for a day, but that surely, after the first degustation, particularly if it is hot, you will never forget!!
Castatiello or Tortano? How we must call it? What is the difference?
We specify that:
TORTANO isn't the italian word to identify the Casatiello, but is one of two way of realize the tradition. In the Casatiello there are boiled eggs and they are added in short parts in the mixture together with the cured meats and the cheese. In the Tortano, you put the uncooked eggs outside, on the top of the Tortano, halting them with a "dough drawstring" in crosswise. The eggs number must be an odd number ALWAYS. 
700 gr of flour 00 
35 gr of brewer's yeast
70 gr of lard 
400 ml of tepid water 
For the filling:
400 gr of mix cheese (provolone cheese, Swiss cheese)
400 gr of cured meats (salami, becon, ham)
3  eggs 
With the kitchen robot and the hook whisk make the mixture, putting into the bowl, the flour 00, the brewer's yeast liquefied in tepid water, the soft lard and adding flush the tepid water while the robot is on. Obtained a ball of dough that don't attack in the hands, let it rise in ambient temperature cover with a rag, without air stream. 
When the dough will be rised, extend it taking care, with the hands with a thickness of 3-4 cm, scatter it with aboundant Parmesan (or Grana Padano), Pecorino and pepper. Add the cured meats and the mix cheese, cut in cubes covering all the dough ( don't forget to add the hot provolone).
Now, if you are making the Casatiello, you will add the boiled eggs. If you are making the Tortano, you pass this point and proceed directly with the roll up the dough to obtain a roll. 
Put the dough roll in an alluminium round stamp as doughnout  and if you are making the Tortano put the uncooked eggs ( I reccomend you of don't make them if you are making the Casatiello because the eggs are inside yet) close them with the strips of dough in cross. 
Put the Tortano or the Casatiello in the warmed ventilated oven to 195°. After 45 minutes put off and let it cold. 
Cut and serve a great slice in a beautiful colored dish of ... and you'll see that also the Neapolitan Casatiello or Tortano will be better!!!