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A typical Italian Food – Recipe of the Typical Neapolitan Sauce “alla Genovese”

1Kg of muscle of veal (as round steak for example)
1,5 Kg of Tropea’s onion or copper onion of Montoro
Pasta of Gragnano, (for example broken ziti, candele or long maccheroni) which is must be broken by hand
1 carrot
1 stem of celery
1 leaf of bay tree
1 little glass of Marsala (Cantine Florio is better)
Black  fresh pepper   
Parmigiano or Grana Padano
Peel the onions and slice in fine slices. Put the onions  on high flame  in a big pot of terracotta, if it is possible.
Mix with a wooden spoon. After 10 minutes take it off from the fire and drain the onions in a colander.
Repeat the operation a second time, it will occur to remove the strong taste from the onions and let only the sweetness.
In the same pot of terracotta, put the oil , the leaf of bay tree, the carrot and the stem of celery which is cut in very small pieces.  Let all brown for some minutes and then add the meat. When the meat is brown, add the Marsala (I prefer Cantine Florio with the Egg, but is good also dry).
Add the onions and let cook  all for about 3 hours until to obtain a cream of onion and a soft meat which is possible break with only the fork.
Cook the ziti (broken by hand) in abundant saltwater. Drain and wait on a soup or dinner plate of mixing with the sauce of onion obtained, a piece of meat on the top, cheese and pepper.
I suggest to accompany it with a red wine as Coda di Volpe of Sannio or White Pallagrello or another fresh wine.
Also the Ziti with the Neapolitan Genovese are better if are wait on a plate of unique style of Ceramica Vietrese.