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A typical Italian Food – Recipe of Saint Joseph Zeppole

You can offer your zeppole on a tray and if it is a tray of Ceramica Vietrese, your zeppole will be more tasty.
Ingredients for 10 zeppole
10 medium eggs
90 gr of Butter
50 gr. Of sugar
A Lemon of Sorrento Dop  that you must grate the skin
315 ml of water
190 gr of flour 00
3 gr of salt
For the custard
4 egg yolks
35 gr of flour Maizena
Half a bean of vanilla
90 gr of sugar
300 ml of milk
To fry and decorate
10  syrup black cherry  
If you want fry your zeppole, you must use the sunflower oil.
For the preparations of the Saint Joseph zeppole, in a thick pot, the pieces of butter and let it liquefy with a light fire. Add the salt, the water and make boil them slowly, mixing with a wooden spoon.
When all will boil, take off from the fire and  put inside the sifted flour and work with vigor and speedy with the wooden spoon to obtain a compact mixture; take the pot on the fire and continue to mix until to obtain a compact ball of mixture (it occurs 10 minutes).
Turn off the fire and add the sugar mixing vigorously. Now pour the mixture in a bowl and let it rest.
When it is lukewarm, add the eggs with the Sorrento lemon skin which is finely grated.
Add the eggs one by one working with the wooden spoon and, every time,  you must wait that the egg is completely absorbed. When you will obtain a smooth mixture put it in a pastry bag with a star spout.
On a baking tray, covered with baking paper, you must make your 10 zeppole with a spiral movement for a 8 cm in diameter.
For the cooking of the zeppole, you can choose the frying in lots of sunflower oil or if you can cook in the oven.
For the frying in a high pot, put the zeppole that must be attached on the bakery paper in abundant sunflower oil that earlier you must warm up to 160°/170° C . Put in 1 or maximum 2 zeppole every time because they must dilate uniformly.
Turn around the zeppole in the hot oil until they are completely golden, then drip on a kitchen paper.
If you want cook the zeppole in the oven, preheat the oven to 190° and cook your zeppole for 25-30 minutes. When the zeppole are golden, make an hole with a toothpick and put inside the off oven half-close for 10 minutes. After this time take off the zeppole from the oven and let it cool down.
We prepare the Custard
In a pot, warm up the milk with the vanilla (remember: don’t have to boil): with the mixer, mix in a boil the egg yolks and the sugar. When it is a foam, add the sifted flour.
Then, take off them from the fire and take off the vanilla from inside. Pour the milk in the mixture, mixing until the custard become firm.
Transfer the custard in a bowl and let it cool down cover it with a paper for food directly over the custard.
Garnish your zeppole with the custard, that you put in a bakery bag with the star spout, in the middle of the zeppole and on the top put the syrup black cherry.
You can offer your zeppole on a tray and if it is a tray of Ceramica Vietrese, your zeppole will be more tasty.