Magnet "Fish" - nice as bonbonniere, cadeau or placeholder

Our magnets can be used as a funny and cheap bonbonniere, placeholder, to accompany some sugared almonds as souvenir for a party. 
measure about between 5 and 8 cm. 

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Magnet "fish"
Product code: OGST04E
€ 3,80

Product details

Magnet "Fish"hand-made and hand-painted by our master potters materials and non-toxic colors - 100% Ceramics 100% Made in Italy (see our. "How to realize Our CERAMICS") - washable or spolverabile hand with specific products, non-aggressive and sponges or non-abrasive cloth. The products of CeramicaVietrese are marked one by one and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity and fulfillment 100% hand made in Italy.