Ashtray - Round Ceramic Ashtray with different decorations

Round top diameter available in diameters 10 cm, 12,14,16,18 and 22.

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Round ashtray, in Vietri ceramic
Product code: ARCE23B
€ 5,40

Product details

Ashtray - Round Ceramic Ashtray with different decorations - Hand-made and hand-painted with no-toxic colors and materials - 100% Vietri Ceramic - 100& Made in Italy (Visit our section "THE ART OF MANUFACTURING CERAMIC"). - Cleaned or dust by hand with specific product, not abrasive sponge and anti-dust product.The products of Ceramica Vietrese are marked one by one and they are accompanied with their certificate of authenticity and fulfillment 100% hand made in Vietri.